To ensure you get the most from any Coaching relationship you need to be comfortable enough to be yourself, to be honest and at times even vulnerable, that’s why I like to give Free Discovery calls, so we can both make sure we are right for each other before moving ahead.

Meanwhile to give you a preview before you book your Discovery call, here’s some of the results my clients have shared with me about our Coaching or Speaking experiences together

These continued waves of achievement and break through’s are largely due to your wonderful coaching and support Diane. Thank you, yet again. Amanda. — Cardiff. U.K

Diane’s strength and empathy allow me the space to work out what I need, and when necessary she helps me to find direction or a solution with astute questions and perceptive observations. I also feel that I can trust Diane implicitly which allows me to be completely honest in our sessions.” I would definitely recommend her to anyone” — Mrs L. Oakville

……I just wanted to let you know how things are.. They’re great!!! My husband is doing great and feeling more positive about things. My son is doing amazing too, he is a whole new kid!! He just won an award at the school, I never thought he would get one. Also..He won’t be getting any “Ns” on his report card. Big improvement!!! Thanks again for all your guidance – We wouldn’t be here today otherwise!!! — K & M S, Oakville

You have made a real, positive enduring difference in our lives & we’ll be forever indebted to you. We waited a lifetime to be parents. You’ve made it that much easier with practical ready to use best practices.  — Mrs J & H M, Oakville

I have found Diane to be a great asset with respect to understanding and coping with ADD….She has nurtured my self- awareness of my coping strategies at the same time. She has an extremely calm, empathetic approach and delivers the material in an organized and interesting manner. — Ms P Victoria B.C

Thank you very much for your warmth and professionalism. Watching my daughter struggle over these last couple years has torn my heart out…. It’s incredible some of the people we meet along the way that make such a difference in our lives…..You are obviously, one of those people.  Warmly, Mrs K M Oakville

Diane worked with us in showing us the techniques to becoming exceptional parents of an ADHD child, and how to advocate for him at school.
Even the teachers were amazed at the transformation. There will always be bumps in the road, but working with Diane is like driving with all wheel drive, traction control and GPS, we still need our son to get to his own destination, it’s just nice to know that the journey is a bit more “in control” for us all. — Mr & Mrs M. Oakville

I can’t thank you enough for your valuable work with Natasha it meant so much to me. Before having coaching with Diane, Natasha had very low self- esteem. After just one session she was a different child, and expressed, “someone understands me “. Losing things was a constant battle, we now have great strategies in place which work well. Schoolwork and homework were big issues for Natasha. After coaching her attitude to school has changed. She has taken on board all advice given and now feels more confident. Despite being in a different country, Skype calls worked brilliantly. — Michelle H. U.K


Empowered, focused and hopeful…Three things I feel more of since I’ve been attending Diane’s workshops. Before I was struggling, overwhelmed, unclear and frustrated, now I have a deeper understanding of ADHD, as well as loads of strategies to cope & move forward. Diane’s compassion and humour make the sessions informative & enjoyable. — Shelley M. Oakville

Diane is organized and energetic, and she puts on an informative presentation. She’s a lively presenter and very easy to listen to. She is passionate about the subject matter and brings tremendous personal experience to her sessions. Using her dynamic people skills as well, her seminars are informative, entertaining and worthwhile. The feedback received from the attendees has been wonderful; I would highly recommend Diane O’Reilly. Teacher Wildwood Academy Oakville

Diane’s talk brought us a keener understanding and much more clarity on the science behind the diagnosis as well as the many treatment options for ADHD.
We found the talk to be so informative. Diane is very knowledgeable about ADHD and was able to respond to personal questions and specifics scenarios from our teachers She also taught us some effective, practical and sometimes surprising strategies that we could begin to use right away to help make a difference both at home and in school for our ADHD students. — M.Quick. Co- Director Wildwood Academy Oakville

Another Thank You for your presentation this morning – it was enlightening and engaging, and most importantly, informative. You had a few nuggets along the way, those moments when one says ‘hmm I didn’t realize that”. They resonated with me, and not only did I learn more about how to teach students with ADHD, I found out more about what makes me tick. That can only make me a better teacher. Mr J.M, Teacher. Chisholm Academy, Oakville.