ADHD Life Coaching is a Holistic approach that encompasses all the areas of your life that challenge or frustrate you.

Management of Work, Time, School, Home, Health, Relationships, Life, Stuff and Everything!
My role as your ADHD Life Coach is to lead you through the confusing maze-like-world your ADHD creates, through to the straight path on the other side.
We meet weekly for an average 3- 6 month period, setting up new and effective ADHD friendly routines and habits. We directly tackle the specific ADHD traits that are keeping you stuck, with practical tools tailored for your situation. We also use in-between session check in’s to help you stay on task.
If you are curious about whether Coaching could work for you then please take advantage of my Free Discovery Call to find out more, or check out my Testimony Page to see what others like you have said about their Coaching with me.


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All Life Coaching with me begins with your 90 minute Intake/ Strategy Session followed by weekly 45 minute Coaching sessions. Held either in person or by Phone/Skype.
You get to choose how you access these services.
Choose the Bonus Value ‘Packages,’ like the ones below, or the Monthly Blocks, or, for some situations ‘Pay as You Go’ Single sessions.
Monthly Blocks of 45 Minute Coaching sessions
If you do prefer the Monthly Blocks or ‘Pay as you Go’ single sessions. You’ll need to book, or have already taken the 90 minute Intake/ Strategy session with me.
90 minute Intake/Strategy session- $205.00*
1 Coaching session – $135.00*
3 Coaching sessions – $405.00*  
4 Coaching sessions – $540.00*
This Includes; In-between session Check-ins, access to Clients Console Page, any & all Support materials/handouts needed.



Bonus Value Coaching Packages.
You can choose either 9 or 12 Coaching sessions. These sessions are typically used over 3 months or longer.  By purchasing upfront you get the value of a 10% saving on the usual rate, plus you get the additional Bonus of a Free 90 minute Intake/Strategy Session.
9 sessions $1095.00*  (usually $1215.00)
12 sessions$1460.00* (usually $1620.00)

This Includes; 10% discount, In-between session Check in’s, access to Client Console page, Support materials plus the 90 Minute Intake.



One on One Single 2 hour Coaching Strategy Session.
Typically used by people who are Action oriented, Independent thinkers, who are looking for Clarity, a Brainstorming partner and some expert guidance for their blocks and challenges.
You will leave with a Clear set of Goals and a Strategic Plan as well as a Road-map for avoiding obstacles and finally a Time-Line to help you stay on track for reaching those goals.

This Includes; Detailed Intake, Road map/Time line and follow up calls/emails, and access to any Support materials or Resources needed

Expert talks on topical ADHD issues. 
For Teachers Professional Development days, Workplace Mental Health days, Employee Assistance Programs, Conferences, Support groups or in-school Parent Council Events.

Talk Topics:

Motivating the ADHD student.

The Optimal Classroom for ADHD students.

How to Reach & Teach ADHD students.


This Includes; Q & A, Relevant resources, Handouts & Slide Notes




Talk Topics:

Helping your ADHD child to Thrive.

The Myths & Facts of ADHD

My Kid’s ADHD, so now what?!


This Includes; Q & A, Relevant resources Handouts & Slide Notes



Professional & Workplace Mental Health days or Employee Assistance Programs

Talk Topics,

ADHD & Productivity. How to help your ADHD employees to be more happy & productive

Could it be ADHD? When embedded, recurring issues aren’t addressed with regular approaches.


This Includes. Q & A, Relevant resources Handouts & Slide Notes


Conferences and Adult ADHD Support groups****

Talk Topics

The Myths & Facts Of ADHD

The Power of Coaching for ADHD

Family life with ADHD

Organizing your life for ADHD


This Includes; Q & A, Relevant resources Handouts & Slide Notes



THE K.I.T – Keeping It Together, The only Binder & Organizing System you’ll ever need-

A Unique 5 week Coaching program that is Primarily focussed on Students Organizing & Study skills. Specifically created with the ADHD Brain in mind. Read more….

This differs from my usual One on One Coaching packages because it has a specific focus and a shorter duration and as such, a lower cost.

One on One in Person Coaching

This 5 week Organizing program is delivered in your home** Best for those who need individual attention and who’d like a more practical and specific approach. Can include the family when needed to help you all support your Teen or Pre-Teen to ensure ongoing success.


This Includes; The K.I.T System,* Intake forms, Weekly Hand-outs, Pre- session reminders & Weekly Check in’s where needed.

One on One by Skype

The same 5 week program as above but via  Skype. This virtual version allows you to learn from the comfort of your home, removing the hassle of travel and making this service available to people who live further away.


This Includes; The K.I.T System,* Intake forms, Weekly Hand-outs, pre-session reminders & Check ins. 

For Skype Coaching. Organizing supplies are not included, you purchase the supplies with my suggested Student Organizing Supplies list

New… Coming soon!

The Organizing supplies I recommend will soon be available in an online format called THE K.I.T system. This will allow you to purchase all or part of the K.I.T System  from this website. This will also include an e-course of Coaching tips and instructions, delivered in weekly emails to your inbox.

Like the programs above these emails will include specific strategies for ADHD students to conquer procrastination, disorganization, time management, planning, and study challenges.

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*     Plus added tax where relevant

*     THE K.I.T includes; Binder & contents, Wall Calendar, Agenda, Desk top file box and inserts.

**   One to One sessions are delivered locally only.

**** Pro Bono for select Support groups


If you have any questions about any of these services please contact me by clicking on the Book your Discovery Call Button below to discuss which program or service is right for you