When you first receive a diagnosis of ADHD it’s a very overwhelming time. Because although you now know precisely what the problem is. Which is a huge relief!  You often don’t have any clue at all about what to do next to improve things for yourself or for your family.
I know from my own experience how scary and frustrating that time can be. Especially if your usual sources for support aren’t maybe so knowledgeable about ADHD. That can feel like you’re pretty much on your own… Or even worse, it’s just you, your diagnosis and the Internet!!  Which is never a good thing right?
That’s why I put together this Free Resource Page. I wanted to ensure that others on the same journey would not have to be as lost or confused as I was.
in the Links below I’m sharing the very best ADHD resources I know and have used on my personal and professional journey.  Using these reliable and rubber stamped resources will lessen a lot of your confusion, and speed up the process of treating your ADHD- They are a great first step for you to begin making the changes that will make the difference!

Not all of the resources below are specific to ADHD, however the ideas presented are perfect for ADHD Adults, Families or Professionals & the typical problems they will encounter.


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Reading Resources:


  • The Secrets of the ADD Brain Article by William Dodson. An inspired essay on the ADHD brain.
  • Caddac.ca A respected Canadian resource, promoting advocacy, education and national annual conferences and events and much more, on all aspects of ADHD
  • Ldao.com The Canadian portal to the local chapters of the Learning Disability Associations. An amazing free resource with a lot of specialist knowledge to help you get the local support you need.
  • Additudemag.com An online Magazine with experts like Coaches, Dr.s, Parents and Adults, sharing tons of inspiring articles & great tips to help you cope with the daily trials of ADHD
  • ADD & loving it. Award winning Comedy /documentary on Adult ADHD by Comedian & Author Rick Green
  • ADHD Expert Dr. Russell Barkley. His talks on ADHD for CADDAC


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ADHD doesn’t usually travel alone, people with ADHD are more likely to become addicted, suffer from anxiety or depression, tics/tourettes, O.C.D, O.D.D, sleep disorders and more.

These challenging companions to ADHD can be just as difficult, if not more so than the ADHD itself.  When you add these extra challenges to our natural sensitivity you see how Support, Inspiration and Self knowledge in it’s many forms is crucial to our continued growth and happiness…Here are some of my favourite resources that give you all of that and more…