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Organizing 101 Program.

What is it?

This is a Unique 5 week program for ADHD students. It teaches Organizing & Study skills specifically designed for the ADHD brain.

Why it’s needed.

I created this program in response to the growing crisis facing ADHD students in schools today. Around Grade 6, ADHD students often become unable to manage their schoolwork, even if they’d previously been doing OK.
It was clear to me working with these kids that their main problem wasn’t actually the Content of their Work, rather it was the new overwhelming demand of Organizing all their stuff alone..
In many  schools, students at this age are suddenly required to Organize their Binders, Desks, Lockers, Duo tangs, Text books, Loose Papers & Forms, Agenda’s, Calendars, Projects & Time- All on their own!  Whew!
I know some adults who would struggle to do all of that!
 Because of their still developing ‘Executive Function’ capacity and the inherent challenges of ADHD along with a lack of direction on exactly ‘how to’ organize  themselves effectively, they’re neither capable or prepared for this very demanding task.
The sad result of this new demand and their failure to cope with it,  is that otherwise smart and capable students are losing confidence in their ability to keep up.
Sadder still, they rarely think to look to the external circumstances for this failure, instead they naturally tend to blame themselves for their perceived lack of ability or intelligence. This only adds to their already fragile self-esteem.
The good news is that Organizing isn’t just some sort of innate strength where you either have it or you don’t, it is also a skill or a set of skills, as such it can be taught!  As long as the methods used are age and developmentally appropriate.
So to combat this problem I took what I knew about Organizing for ADHD kids, added that to what I know about the ADHD brain and applied it to the most common problem areas they were facing and created the Organizing 101 5 Week Program.


In this Program students learn precisely how to manage their Time & their Stuff and they also learn vital Organizing & Study Habits in age appropriate, ADHD friendly ways.
The simple tools, habits and methods I teach them helps to boost their confidence it also helps them learn about their unique approach & how to embrace their own style of learning & organizing rather than fighting it…

What it Covers:

A New easy to manage ‘One Binder system’, Time management skills, Paper management, Agenda/Calendar use, Projects Planning, Procrastination, ADHD friendly Study skills, Daily & Weekly habits & finally- Filing/Archiving old work.
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In Person Organizing 101 program, One to One
This option is best for students who want the extra attention of in Person One on One Coaching, or who prefer to customize the program to fit their specific needs.. Runs anytime throughout the Calendar year over 5 Weekly consecutive One hour sessions in your home**
  • $697.00* 
  • Includes; The K.I.T ( keeping it together ) Binder -System & supplies, Intake forms, Weekly Handouts, Pre- Session reminders and Weekly Check ins.


Skype, One on One format.


This Live-Online option is typically for those who live further away or who’d rather have the convenience of a program that’s One to One but delivered Live Online.
Also held over 5 Weekly consecutive One hour sessions.
  • $597.00*   
  • Includes; Weekly Handouts, Intake forms, Pre- session reminders and Check ins.
  • Does not include Organizing supplies/THE K.I.T,  I give you a  list of supplies/ suppliers before the program begins or you can buy the K.I.T. complete from me and I will send it to you


All or any part of my Organizing 101 Program can also be rolled into any regular One on One coaching package by adding the Cost of relevant Supplies.

* Plus applicable tax

**For my local area only