The unofficial Bio

When the first of my sons was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago, he wasn’t the only one on a journey of self-discovery. I ticked all the boxes right along with him! And what I learned made me feel Relieved, Amazed, Horrified and Hopeful- All at the same time!
Relieved, because finally I had an explanation for so many of the most challenging moments of my life.
Amazed because this thing called ADHD could explain so very, very much about me!
Horrified that I didn’t know about this earlier when it could have made a massive difference!
But finally Hopeful, because we also learned how treatable it was and we began to see a way out and up!
This moment was the catalyst for my going on to become a Life Coach and expert in ADHD.  Driving me was the determination that my boys wouldn’t have to go through the challenges and failures that I did. And after we learned what we learned, applied it and saw the results, I have to say I got kind of Evangelical about spreading the word! ( just ask my family)  I wanted to tell everyone the good news! And still do! Why on earth would anyone want to suffer or even fail when the solution was so simple and effective?
It’s kind of mind boggling to me now that just by understanding myself and changing things up a bit I’m able to quit just wishing, hoping and intending and finally follow through on the goals I set.
Today I have the perfect career as an ADHD Coach. I now believe that everything I went through to get here, good and bad, it’s all okay! Because it’s those experiences that enriches what I do, and more importantly how I connect with my clients. Best of all is watching my clients Old and Young flourish with the same amazement and optimism as they change their approach and rewrite their lives..  


The Official Bio- My Education & Experience

Since graduating from ADDCA as an ADHD Coach in 2009 I have:

  • I Opened my own ADHD Successful and well respected Coaching business, producing a regular Blogs, Coaching services and programs to serve the ADHD community.
  • Partnered with child & teen Psychiatrist and ADHD expert & Author, Dr. Kenny Handelman on his ADHD Insiders website, where I created & co-wrote his ADHD Child & Teen program & delivered his Child & Teen Monthly Webinars
  • Created & run several niche ADHD programs for Adults, Parents & Teens, delivering local monthly or weekly workshops
  • Given Professional day seminars for teachers & other organizations, helping increase their understanding of how they can best reach & teach students or how to support their employees who have ADHD
  • Consulted with parents & school teams to help them Organize and Motivate their ADHD students
  • Spoken publicly at Conferences, Schools & Support groups on the subject of ADHD
  • Last but not least I Coach One on One with ADHD Adults, Parents and older Teens helping them to make the changes they need to make, to get where they want to go.

I am also a professional practicing member of ADDA, ACO & CADDAC