Brain Hacks for ADHD, Boost your Productivity!

What is a Brain Hack? And why do we need them?

The reason we need Brain Hacks is because ADHD is a Neurobiological Disorder. Because our Brains are wired differently the Neuro-chemicals that drive certain traits, like Motivation, Focus, Initiation, Planning, Memory etc, are depleted, making it tough to access those traits at will.

Brain out of Order
ADHD brains are short on Neurochemicals.

To treat this condition, or lessen it’s negative impact we need to Stimulate those depleted chemicals or Emulate the traits. We Stimulate the Brain to boost our ability, or Emulate the Missing traits, much like a prosthesis would- To use a famous ADHD analogy. We use Glasses to Emulate 20/20 vision, for ADHD we’d use Google Calendar to Emulate Planning/Memory skills…

There are many, many ways to Stimulate the Brain for this purpose, and that’s what’s sometimes referred to as a ‘Brain Hack. Some of us take Stimulant Medication to treat our ADHD, and this helps a great deal. But knowing how to Hack your own Brain in specific ways when you need to, is an essential asset when you’re ADHD.

A Brain Hack sound a bit weird, I know… But I’ll bet you unknowingly Hacked your own Brain at least once today already!! If you’ve had Coffee/tea, or taken a shower, or listened to music while performing a task today. Then you have been Brain Hacking…

As an Example I used 3 of my favourites to help me write this blog. I’ve played white-noise music while siping on a cup of Green tea, and I used a Timer/Deadline. These 3 specifically chosen Brain Hacks are helping me to stay focussed, stop distractions, and organize my thinking.

Brain downloading
Boost your Brain’s Chemicals

Another example of how to use a Brain Hack would be in a Meeting or a Class that’s long or boring. To Hack your Brain and Boost those chemicals you could Doodle, use a Fidget toy, or even Chew some gum! These simple but effective Brain Hacks allow you to stay focussed and alert, and help you to tolerate Boredom more comfortably.

So if you’d like to be able to manage your ADHD more effectively by having a wide array of Brain Hacks to turn to for any situation, then please read on….

As an Adult with ADHD myself and an ADHD Coach, I’ve amassed quite the collection of interesting and sometimes surprising Brain Hacks over the years. That’s why I’m having a #30daysofBrainHacks Social Media Campaign so I can share them with you. Firstly though I wanted to kick it off with this Blog to explain exactly what they are and why they’re so important for ADHD…

Keep Calm and stay Tuned
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To Access the 30 Days of Brain Hacks Campaign. Check out my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page. Then Follow along daily, or use hashtag #30daysofbrainhacks and see which ones sound good for you. At the end of the 30 days I will be compiling them all together as a Free Give Away! So please do Like or Follow me to make sure you get yours.My hope is that they resonate with you and give you some quick new tools to help you be more successful with your ADHD.

Lastly I’d love to hear from you about your own favourite Brain Hacks Being ADHD means many things, not least of which is we have some of the most Creative Brains on the Planet!! And many of the Brain Hacks that I now use and teach to others, I’ve learned from you..So please take a minute to comment below, and share your thoughts, questions or creative ideas with us all!