Life Coaching for ADHD

Nowadays most ADHD experts and Dr’s recommend ADHD Life Coaching because they know it works.. But many still don’t know why ADHD Coaching works so well, or what it does for them exactly. So let me clarify for you just what ADHD Life Coaching is, and what it can do for you…
What is Life Coaching? And how it works.
Life Coaching is basically a Partnership for your Success.. You bring your Goals, Dreams, Worst Challenges & Headaches to your Coach and you get very clear on what you want, why you want it and exactly how you’re going to tackle it all.. That alone gives you a better start towards your Goals than trying to go it alone…
The specialized ‘ADHD Coaching’ piece, adds the expertise needed for ADHD Challenges like Procrastination, Low Motivation, Time Issues, Overwhelm, Disorganization, Boredom & Restlessness etc.  An ADHD Coaches’ knowledge of this condition and their experience on how to work around those issues ensures you find the Optimal solutions that work specifically for you.
A Good Life Coach is also trained to listen for unseen obstacles like Hidden negative beliefs, Conflicts in your commitment, Clashing values or priorities, or any other Self sabotaging traits that you may not be seeing..
In other words, we can see your Blind spots & reflect them back to you, helping you to steer away from those problems zones and keep driving forward.
These regular, specialized conversations allow you to talk through your biggest challenges, remove long established obstacles, stay focussed, get expert feedback, stay committed and be more consistent. All while being regularly reminded of your strengths & abilities! Because of all those elements you can’t help but gain significant traction towards your goals.
Nuts & Bolts
Coaches and their clients typically meet Online, by Phone or in person once a week or Bi-weekly for a 45-50 minute session to talk specifically about your Goals, Progress made, Obstacles and Challenges getting in the way etc.. By the end of the session you leave knowing precisely what you need to take the next steps towards your Goals. ADHD Life Coaches also give you crucial in between check in’s to help you follow through on any action steps you agreed to.

Lastly, in case that explanation still leaves you unconvinced, here’s my own personal story of how Life Coaching helped me break through my own entrenched internal obstacles to begin a new chapter of my life

My Life Coaching Story

I was in my early forties when I discovered my own ADHD, by which time I’d sadly given up on many of my own goals. I’d always had great ideas and intentions, but absolutely no follow through. So I lost faith in my own ability to make any progress. It seemed easier to me to give up, than to keep trying & failing…
Then while I was looking for ways to treat my own and my kids ADHD, I became curious enough to try Life Coaching. Though I was very skeptical and didn’t really believe things would change. How would talking to a Life Coach change anything? After all, I had decades of dreaming and never doing to support that negative bias
But despite my deeply ingrained doubts, slowly but surely things began to shift. My Life Coaches’ help in addressing my negative beliefs was a big part of that shift. Also having someone hold me accountable for my goals, reminding me why I wanted them in the first place was a powerful motivator for me..
Some weeks I barely seemed to make progress, often only taking some minor action just prior to our Coaching calls! Yet even this incremental yet steady progress was already way more consistent action towards my goals than I’d ever managed before. Before a year had passed I was able to figure out my new career direction, go back to school for ADHD coaching, open my own business, enhance my relationships, increase the joy and fun in my life, get back to being creative etc etc.  All unimaginable outcomes just a few short months before.  So you can see why I became utterly sold on Life Coaching and it’s power to transform. ( hence my own new career choice) I believe that if it worked that well for me, it can work miracles for anyone who whole-heartedly tries it!